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My adoption story.

Hey hey hey!!

Welcome to the first EVER Heart and Seoul blog post! What an exciting time, I have nothing better to do with my time than tell you my life story lol. (JK I am really excited to tell you!)

Let’s talk about the obvious.. you made it here because you’re curious…. correct? Well let’s DIVE. IN.

My name is Larissa Kate Hyo-Myung Corbin. Say that 10 times fast. A MOUTH FULL. (Thanks to my lovely husband for shortening my name a few letters lol) I was born in Seoul, South Korea as Hyo-Myung Lee. No one knows my Korean name by the way so I just let you all know my biggest secret.

I am going to start with my time in Korea, as a baby. When I was born I had a heart issue. Something called a Ventricular Septal Defect, VSD for short. For those who don’t speak medical, basically I had hole in my heart the size of a dime. This caused my heart to over pump for the leak I had. Due to this complication I was in and out of foster homes and the hospital because I had pneumonia 3 times before I was 5 months old! Let that sink in. I was considered “failure to thrive” and my parents got matched with me because they were on the list to adopt a sick child. I came to America (Tucson, AZ) when I was 5 months old. They were fully aware of the issues I was having so when I arrived, they already had appointments lined up for me to see cardiologists and such. It was decided that at the age of 5, I would finally have the surgery to fix the hole in my heart, and I’ve been pretty healthy ever since.

Now, time to talk about the good old birth parents. And YES I know who they are!

My adoption was a closed adoption which means neither of them had communication with me. When I was a child, I remember trying to imagine what a life would be like with them. I imagined they would be married to each other with other children. The summer going into my 8th grade year of school, I visited South Korea with the adoption agency. During the visit my mom and I put in a request to find my birth mother due to my own curiosity… who was she and did I look like her? It wasn’t until the end of the trip that we received the information that she was located and she wanted to meet me also! When we met, I had no idea what to think or feel. I remember just sitting there trying not to stare at her sitting next to me because we were IDENTICAL. Given her certain circumstances I wasn’t able to keep in contact with her because she was married to another man and had two kids. (My half siblings)

The day I met my birth mom, she had reached out to my birth dad and informed him of what was going on. He said he wanted to go too but by that time it was too late. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school my birth dad reached out to me with a letter that was sent to me through the adoption agency. Growing up I had a mentor, Ann who was able to translate the letter for me. She also travels to Korea often and met up with him while she was there. When she came back from her trip to Korea, she was telling me and my mom all about him and showing us pictures. That day, we called him and told him about Skype and we Skyped at my house that night and she translated for us. I told him about snapchat because the language barrier so pictures were our way of communicating. A few more Skype calls later over a span of a few months, I jokingly suggested that he should come out to America for my high school graduation. He began learning English and planning a trip to America to meet me!

A few years later, my birth dad told me my birth mom was trying to reach out to me and wanted to add me on snapchat as well. He then proceeded to send me a bunch of pictures of her that she had sent him which was so weird seeing updated photos of her! She is now divorced and living with her family and we talk on occasion!

Who do you think I look more like?? I’d love to know!

me and my birth mother

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