Hey hey hey! 
I'm Lari! & yes.. like the lobster.

I'm Lari

My name is Larissa, or you can call me Lari. It's pronounced Larry, but the spelling is a bit different. 
I am 26 years old and have been photographing weddings for the past 6 years and photographing all other things since my junior year of high school. I did go to college but ended up leaving and not finishing school because I realized photography was what I wanted to do full-time. Before I went full-time, I was a full-time nanny for 2 families. Eventually, things started picking up, and I just started doing what I love most.

Are you thinking about Eloping and breaking the wedding traditions?

We need to talk about the pros and cons of eloping.
Pros: doing whatever the heck you want to do, intimate, go wherever you want for some scenic views, keep the guest list small, on the cheaper end.
Cons: there are none. Do whatever you want for your day because it's about celebrating you and your partner, not everyone else. They just get to be there to celebrate you two.

So thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Let's fill our passports and rack up some skymiles together!

If you want to get away or want me to come to you, this is for you!

I have a whole list of places that I would die to shoot at. So if you want something different and are down for an adventure wherever that takes us, read my blog post with all the information on how to secure this with me!

Some of my fave things

When I'm not out and about photographing the lives of all the most incredible people, you can find me at Target, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, or anywhere else you can spend some money. But all jokes aside, I know I mentioned it below, but I have a love for reading that started about two years ago as an escape from reality. Now that social media has become work, I bought a Kindle in 2021 to have a little escape from life and get some me time. Since being on the go all the time, I have recently found a love for audiobooks! I can listen to one while I sit and edit for hours, so I can still get lost in a book but get work done.

If you're a reader, please tell me what you like to read or give me some good recommendations!

Fun Fact #1

I was adopted at the age of 5 months old from seoul, south korea and grew up in tucson, az.

Fun Fact #2

I have 2 dogs, A corgi who is so sassy and loud and a blind/eyeless alaskan malamute who lost her eyes to glaucoma.

Fun Fact #3

i am a lover OF all types of film. 35mm film, super8mm film, and a love for medium format and still trying to grow my medium format camera gear.

Fun Fact #4

I have been married for 4 years now, and we did things the nontraditional way and eloped in the backyard in Boise, ID, with some close friends.

Fun Fact #5

I am an avid plant girlie and a reader girlie. When i moved to idaho, i put all my plants in the uhaul and hoped they wouldn't die in the SUMMER HEAT. Some of my favorite authors at the moment are Christina Lauren and Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Again, I'D LIKE YOU TO read the blog to find OUT more about me, my business, and how i can better serve you as my potential client.