Let's get down to the "nitty gritty"

I understand that numbers can be daunting, and discussing details may not be your favorite thing. However, photography is an investment that captures timeless and priceless memories that are once-in-a-lifetime. As we age and change, capturing the moment is important to keep for later. 

Just like a specific smell can take you back in time, photos have the power to trigger memories and emotions. Looking back at them can bring back the exact feelings you had at that moment, which is truly priceless.

1. Reach out, duh

This one might be self explanatory, but fill out the contact form to get more information. The ball is in your court my friend and I hope you pass it to me!

2. I will send you all the info

Once you've taken the step in reaching out, I will send you an email and attached will be my pricing and services guide. The reason it isn't listed here isn't because I'm gate keeping and tricking you to reach out but more so you can see my whole guide that has a full break down of things.

3. you decide you want to book with me

That would be so amazing if you decided I'm your gal for whatever it is you're planning. If you decide that I'm the one, I will send you my contract and invoice to get you officially booked and secure your date. This part is crucial in securing that I will be able to hold your date! 

4. After you book with me

This won't feel like a transaction. I will be along for the ride every step of the way from all the planning, to helping perfect your day and keep things true to you! By doing so I send some questionnaires, we can even meet up for coffee or do a facetime call so we can chat and I won't be a stranger on the day of your session or event. I am being super intentional about who I work with because I want there to be a connection for both parties. When I show up I want you to say "OMG Lari is here!!" NOT "oh hey our photographer is here"

what it looks like working with me

what are you investing?


starting at $4,125 reach out for more info

photo sessions

starting at $510 reach out for more info

elopements + micro weddings

starting at $3,875 reach out for more info



if you've seen enough and want to chat more fill out my contact form!

talk to me

let me answer some of your questions

How can we make sure the photos you take won't be lost?

I make sure all of the photos taken from your gallery are backed up on multiple external hard drives as well as saving the SD cards up until I have finished your gallery and sent it off to you.

How do we know how much time is needed?

All of my packages are based on time. If you have no idea if you'll need 45 minutes for your session or more you can reach out and I can help you decide.
If you're unsure of how much wedding day coverage you're needing I would say the sweet spot is 8 hours and for elopements the sweet spot is 5 hours.

Do you bring back up equipment?

For weddings and elopements I absolutely bring up backup gear. Those days can be a lot on my gear so I bring back ups just in case. For sessions I don't typically if it's a local session but for traveling sessions I do have back up gear on me.

Will you travel to us?

Absolutely I will travel to you anywhere you are! I am based out of Boise, Idaho but travel literally anywhere. I have my passport and some skymiles so let's go!! 

What if we're awkward in front of the camera?

Listen, being in front of a camera is not a normal or natural thing for anyone really. And that is perfectly fine if you've never had professional photos done before. I will be there to prompt you during your session. I send questionnaires before hand to get a feel for the type of people you are so I don't prompt you to do something you would never do outside of photos.

If you want to view a complete collection of photos from a session or event, simply click the link below. Please remember that each gallery is unique to the individual it represents, and your gallery will be tailored specifically to you.

View my pictime here

heart and seoul photo