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May 2022 Seattle, WA Wedding

If you are getting married and needing all the help you can get with wedding Inspiration, look no further than this Summer wedding day from Seattle, WA.

This was one of my absolute dream wedding days! I had been looking forward to this wedding for such a long time. Not only is Seattle one of my favorite places, but Beth and Kevin were also the sweetest couple. Even though it was a rainy day that didn’t stop any of us from celebrating them!

It was such an honor working with the Ho’s back in May of this year. I have and will always rave on about this wedding day to anyone and everyone because of how memorable it was. Their Wedding venue, The Black Diamond Gardens, in Seattle, Washington had such gorgeous views and backdrops everywhere you looked. Because it was also a cloudy rainy day I was able to shoot in any direction really captivating the whole venue space. If you have ever seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians, you would see how it felt to be apart of their day. Everyone is dressed formally, and all the decor and set up of everything just screams glitz and glamour. Beth hand designed all of their details and her maid of honor helped her make her wedding diy dreams come true, and I was BLOWN AWAY.

Their reception has been one of those events that people are still talking about. Beth surprised Kevin with a fun dance with her bridesmaids since she used to be a dancer back in college. The reel I posted on instagram has gotten over 2 MILLION views! Literal insanity. This got all of the guests hyped up to party the rest of the evening!

We finished the night with a bubble send off that turned out even better than I could have imagined! I had never photographed a bubble send off so everything was up in the air, but I had everyone pull out their phones and turn on their flash lights to light up the bubbles even more! They had a bubble machine and the person designated to the bubbles was next to me blowing bubbles at Beth and Kevin which really gave some dreamy photos. 10/10 recommend a bubble send off! No clean up, and cute photos. All in all, everything was straight out of a fairytale. The day went by so fast and this was just one of those wedding days I really wish I was still living in.

Congratulations to Bethany + Kevin Ho!!

Before I sit here and upload every photo from their wedding gallery, here is the link to view the full thing as it happened!

Click here to view their gallery!

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